Do you want to identify your passion and purpose?

Are you ready to start a new business and don’t know where to begin?

Are you beginning another phase of your life?

tONOAW seeks to create safe fun environments that support challenge and encourage women on their journey for growth and development to gain a deeper understanding of self, through its programs, workshops, and resources. tONOAW serves as a concept, greeting, and an action. 

I am an expression of the Living One.  Each and every day I grow in the awareness of my own perfection.  I am powerful as I tap into the endless reservoir of strength and courage that resides at the core of my being.  I possess everything within myself to grow through the wonderful experiences of life. I take responsibility for my life and participate in my own recovery from false beliefs, judgment, and guilt.  I am whole, healthy, abundant, joyful, happy and all that.  I just enjoy life. ©

Take One Night Off A Week is affectionately called tONOAW.  

As a concept, tONOAW means to take care of yourself, FOR REAL and focus on the importance of honoring yourself.   It is the foundation from which the programs, workshops, and resources were created.  Too many of us find it challenging to take care of ourselves FIRST in the most wholistic, authentic, and spiritual sense.  This means taking time you need for yourself in whatever way that is meaningful for you. There is a way to live the life you deserve, to be happy all the time, and feel fulfilled in your work.

As a greeting, tONOAW is a reminder that we give to others about taking care of and honoring ourselves. It’s a call to be mindful of our own thoughts, daily health practices, and truth about ourselves. It’s wonderful to give and receive this reminder when we meet, greet, or depart from one another by saying tONOAW, take care of yourself FOR REAL!

tONOAW is also a call to action to develop the strength, courage, discipline, and knowledge that comes from within to do what you gotta do.  This action means participating in your own life and doing what it takes to make things happen; in an action that leads to letting go of the unhealthy habits; i.e. reading a book, taking the class, joining an organization, leaving the job, starting the business, or sharing your story and giving your gift.

**10% of the proceeds from take One Night Off A Week go to the
Bahia Nursery Schools’ Supplies Project (BNSSP). This project provides
school supplies for pre-school children in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.**



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