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When I was a little girl and anyone asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I probably answered, “A nurse or teacher.” My heart feeling was I wanted to “help” people. I remember thinking, I really wanted to be a teacher, but because so many members of my family were teachers, I thought there must be something else out there I could do. Well, every path I have taken has led me to teaching. Not in the traditional sense of teaching elementary or high school, but creating environments that evoke self discovery and personal growth from people who are willing and available.

I get excited about learning new things, discovering and understanding who I am and the connection with The One Principal and sharing that knowledge. I have surrendered to the essence of “Teacher” within myself. My spiritual grow is the most important thing in my life.

After attending almost every community college in the Los Angeles metropolitan area trying to “find myself,” I focused and decided to pursue health. I got a Bachelor of Science in nutrition from California State University, Long Beach.  With the impetus to be more expansive and have more opportunities I decided to seek and then completed a Master of Public Health from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I focused on health education and international health.  As I progressed through my experience I wanted to be available for international work.

My professional life was spent,….. you guessed it, “teaching,” educating, coordinating and facilitating individuals, groups and community organizations on public health concerns.  And if that wasn’t enough, I went on to acquire a certificate in 'Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages' (TESOL) providing an opportunity to, yes, teach individuals from all over the world. Years later, this afforded me the opportunity to teach in China and Brazil.

I continue to develop professionally, in order to be of service. I became an NLP Practitioner and plan to go for the master level then the 'train the trainer' level.  I also became an ordained Minister through the Church of Universal Life Church in order to add to my growing, expanding circle of excellence. 

The call to my passion and to step into my purpose was very strong and unrelenting.   Being obedient to this call, in 1996, I created take One Night Off A Week, affectionately called tONOAW, a program that provides an environment for the participants to share and grow. After a 10 year sleep, tONOAW was re-awakened and re-launched in 2012.

As I grow in my own personal development and spirituality, I continue my lifetime commitment to assist others, especially women, in discovering who they are and their life purpose and work. It is my intention to travel to many countries fostering a spirit of love amongst a myriad of cultures. I use the length and breadth of my life experiences, knowledge, education, social consciousness, and self-awareness to create an environment that is encouraging, challenging, fun, educational, nurturing and supportive.

I have 3 children, one who has passed on, and grandchildren. My family and friends are blessings in my life.



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